Impuls lectures

Andreas Wieser

Andreas Wieser is a visionary in health tourism and has been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and is known as founder, stakeholder and managing director (1984-2013) of the health center Lanserhof/Tyrol.

Presentation archive

2010 – 2016 | Medical Wellness and Best Practice, MCI and several European universities

20.11.2016 | The changing world of work – multitasking and yet healthy. Country Club Kitzbühel

14.04.2016 | Future oriented findings and unique chances for the health tourism. Wellness conference South Tyrol

12.04.2016 | What do you stand for and who do you believe in? Comteam Drehzahl 4, Future forum, Innsbruck

26.07.2015 | Ritual architecture for the new creative class for the CEO of Design hotels, Flims-Laax/Switzerland

2014 | Screenplay future – from entrepreneur to sense oriented companies, medical company, Davos/Switzerland

22.05.2014 | Sustainability as company asset of the future, Green Expo Vienna

07.11.2013 | Creation of new living worlds, 30th economic forum, Vorarlberg

05.03.2013 | The suffering of men, Swiss Finance company

03.02.2013 | Architecture as therapy, Hoogereschool vor de Kunsten, Utrecht, Netherlands

2012 | Success factors in leading medical resorts and wellness hotels, Global Spa and Wellness Conference, Aspen/USA

12.05.2012 | Alpine Wellness in Austria, ITB Berlin

The future of medicine, doctors, professors, entrepreneur in Riga/Latvia


Presentations and dialogues

Andreas Wieser speaks about the new requirements and deep need of independent and informed clients of today and tomorrow. Current and future profitable markets will be populated by nomadic clients that want to grow in (body-) conscious ways.

These developments are based on the quantum change in health – away from deficits to fulfilling visions of life and health:

  • From the repair mechanism to optimization medicine
  • Requirements from the young generation
  • Health and integral consciousness as an element of a satisfied day-to-day life
  • Global digitalization and chances for vital medicine
  • Interactive formats and activation of clients for relevant depth of experience
  • New offers of areas such as nature coaching, paleo-diet, energy medicine, body-mind, learning vacation, etc.
  • Effects on architecture and offer creation


The climate and its changes as well as societal and global changes will decide and influence the tourism in the alps and evoke the consequences as well as chances for health tourism. In order to be ready for these requirements and to consider them in a local and international competitive market even as a chance, following factors are relevant:

  • Identity of the company
  • Difference and development of integrated service oriented teams
  • Keyword future workshop:  competition for the right future vision, resources and abilities
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Topic suggestions

Strategically far and humanly close – with attentiveness to sustainable company success.

  • How trends will change our future – the new requirements in business modelling and leadership

  • Quantum change in health

  • Elements of a happy life

  • The 4 industrial revolutions with effect on life and consciousness


Health without mental barriers – the game of change in health, society and business.

  • Organism and organization – the success factors of success

  • What do you stand for and what do you believe in?


Radiointerview: Wellness for the soul