Prof. Andreas Wieser

Andreas Wieser

As founder and managing director of Lanserhof (1984 – 2012) it was Andreas Wieser that established this company in over 30 years to one of Europe’s leading health companies of Europe and as a leading medical hospitality company globally. Through his engagement cornerstones of modern health medicine were interdisciplinary interlinked and newly developed.

Current focus: executive coach for health & healing experts, strategy and product development, development of health tourism destinations and companies, monitoring, international expert, motivator, inspirer as well as president of the Lans Institute as international think tank.



Future based communal health-development as entitlement and chance for the health tourism setting. Cooperation partner: FOM – University Munich. Prof. Dr. Manfred Cassens
“Supporting leading power coaching in health management”
Cooperation partner University Salzburg. Faculty SoWI, FB Business Science, O. Univ.Prof. Dr. Richard Hammer

1990 – current
“Health tourism marketing and branding”
Cooperation partner: various universities in Germany and Austria

2011 - 2014 
Doctorate thesis for Dr. (PhD) of Science for complementary, psychosocial and integrative health science, Interuniversity Graz 
Future based communal health development as entitlement and chance for the health tourism setting

1984 - 2012
Founder and Managing Director of Lanserhof, Lans
Development and the worldwide recognized “Lans Med Concept”

2008 - 2010
“Action-doing – Action learning” Student project for the culture analysis of Lanserhof
Cooperation partner Leopold-Franzens University Innsbruck, Faculty social science, institute organization and learning. O. Univ. Prof. i.R. Stefan Laske

2000 - 2010
“Leadership in Work-Life Balance & Well-Being” 
Cooperation partner Leopld-Franzens University Innsbruck, Department for strategic management, marketing and tourism. Em. O. Univ.Prof. Dipl. Ing. Dr. Hans H. Hinterhuber

Appointed as Professor through Federal Minister Dr. rer. oec. Claudia Schmied

1984 - 1986
Bio training centre in Gars am Kamp
Cooperation function at the development of the bio training centre Prof. Willi Dungl
Development of standards of tourism health offers and establishment of the first Austrian cooperation group of wellness hotels “healthy Austria”

1979 - 1983 
Club Robinson Katsbherg/Carinthia
Development of the winter programme Entertainment, sport and health “Well –Fit” Hospitality as the first winter sports alternative to Club Robinson summer activities   
Cooperation with the centre for sports science, University Vienna

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You can find us in the highlands near Innsbruck, where formerly the Lanserhof Concept was born – in central location between Italy, Germany and Switzerland, in the Austrian province Tyrol.